Optic Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients

Optic Garcinia Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, this formula is pretty simple.  The active ingredient, and the mainstay of the formula, is Garcinia Cambogia.  But it’s not just that they’re using Garcinia, there are tons of products doing that, they’re using a extract that gets an amazing 60% HCA.  HCA, or Hydroxycitric Acid, is the reason the product works.  It’s a form of citric acid called a “citric acid derivative”.  But it’s what it does that is more impressive.  We’ll cover that in the next section.

Weight Loss Effects of Optic Garcinia Cambogia

Optic Garcinia is great for weight loss, and that’s because the formula works three key things.

  • Stop Fat Production and Storage – This is the reason most people use Garcinia, and it’s easy to see why.  The formula works to stop the process called lipogenesis.  This process creates fat from calories you consume, and is a process that happens as long as you exceed the amount of calories you need in a day.  So for those of us that have trouble sticking to a regular healthy diet, this can be a lifesaver.
  • Boost Serotonin Levels – Boosting serotonin levels carries with it a two-fold benefit.  One, it works to improve energy levels and mood.  This is big for overall well-being, but it’s also a nice benefit for when you want to workout.  After all, who wants to work out when they’re crabby and lethargic?  Nobody, that’s who.  In addition, the boost in serotonin helps to disrupt the harmful practice of stress eating.  Stress eating can be a huge source of empty calories for some people, so it can prove to be really useful to that end.

Optic Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

With a lot of weight loss supplements, or supplements that aid in improving diet or workout performance, you’ll find that they can have some pretty serious side effects.  One of the more common ones is the jitters from caffeine used as a thermogenic ingredient.  Luckily, at least to our knowledge, Optic Garcinia isn’t using, any stimulants like that.  That’s a refreshing change, and one we definitely appreciate.  It also limits potential side effects dramatically.  Garcinia side effects are pretty much limited to the occasional upset stomach.  It’s still not known how it affects women who are pregnant, so be sure to steer clear if you’re pregnant, nursing, or planning on getting pregnant any time soon.

Optic Garcinia Cambogia

How To Use Optic Garcinia Cambogia

Optic Garcinia Cambogia is really easy to use, as it incorporates into just about any diet or exercise plan.  Since it’s in pill form, you also don’t have to worry about making it into a smoothie or shake, or choking it down because of the foul taste.  To be honest, we don’t really know what it tastes like, because it’s in a pill most of the time.  When you’re ready to start using the product, just take a pill every morning before you start your day.  We’ve heard of some users taking a couple pills daily, but we don’t think that’s necessary.  Plus, you can stretch a bottle longer if you only take one pill a day.

How To Contact Optic Garcinia Cambogia

There are numbers listed for just about every region, but Optic Garcinia mostly seems to operate out of Australia.  If you need to get in touch, here are the contact details we have on record. 

Email Support:


They say they answer emails between 9am and 6pm Eastern, and recommend that users provide both their full name and zip code when contacting support.

For Phone Support, they have a ton of contact numbers, but for the United States & Canada, it’s 1-855-256-2876.

We haven’t tried contacting support, so we’re not sure if those numbers are live or not.  We also won’t be updating this segment, so be sure to write down contact information when you order.

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